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The Opéra Comédie
and Opéra Berlioz in Montpellier

Montpellier, a lively destination

With two opera houses, the Opéra Comédie and Opéra Berlioz in the Corum, the city of Montpellier places great importance on culture. These prestigious venue are places where visitors are welcomed, meet and share together for music, dance and theatre performances.


The Opéra

With its Italian theatre architecture and its Second-Empire style decor, the Opéra Comédie is a jewel in the crown of Montpellier. Opened on 1 October 1888, it is the work of Joseph Marie Cassien Bernard, a pupil of Charles Garnier, creator of the Palais Garnier, the majestic national opera house in Paris. It houses the original statue of the Three Graces, which are made of marble and classified as a historic monument, representing the emblematic goddesses of the city. Among the sculptures and paintings, gilding and hangings, the tourist office takes you behind the scenes of the opera house and deep into its history.


The Opéra Berlioz

Built in 1990, the Opéra Berlioz of Montpellier is the city’s second opera house. Located inside the Corum building, this new 800 m² space has hosted famous performances, such as Richard Wagner’s operas, since its construction. Geared towards symphonic music, the programme also features lyrical and contemporary styles.

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Opera National Orchestra



The Opera National Orchestra Montpellier brings together 93 musicians and a choir of 31 artists with a rich repertoire ranging from Baroque to 20th century music. Each year, it performs in the opera houses of Montpellier and elsewhere in the region. Its lyrical and symphonic programme attracts many spectators, both amateurs and the inquisitive, every year. Open-minded and keen to include the whole population, the orchestra attaches importance to raising awareness among all audiences, so arranges concerts "away from base," in media libraries, children’s homes, schools, universities and prisons etc.

Near the Royal Hôtel

Just a two-minute walk from the Opéra Comédie and ten minutes from the Corum, the hotel’s location is ideal for enjoying musical evenings.
The magic of the place continues to the Royal Hôtel in an atmosphere combining Haussmannian, industrial and contemporary styles.
During your stay, our team will be happy to inform you about the current programme and the various activities to discover Montpellier.


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